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Traveling with Dementia

This is one of the most difficult posts to write. In order to help others, I need to finally admit aloud that my mother has dementia. This can make traveling difficult. She currently lives with my brother, Doug, in Southern California. I live north of Seattle. Our other brother, John, lives just outside of Denver. …

Adventures in Life

Family & Christmas & Kids

It’s the holidays and we’ve recently had a few of our younger friends ask us how we spent the holidays once the boys were born. I’m going to preface this with, yes, we are obviously still married. We don’t have the difficult decision facing families with kids where the parents are no longer together. My …


Blogfest: Food

This is what happens when you release a self-proclaimed foodie to a Health and Fitness Convention… I like to eat!  I like to review! I love to eat more!  Dang! Good thing this is also a fitness convention! If you read my last post all about the fitness part of Blogfest, then you know what …