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Adventures in Life College Process

Narrowing the Field

Well, you have navigated through Step 1 and Step 2 in your college decision process with your son/daughter.  You’ve got a pile of mail and a ton of emails and you can’t believe there will be an end in sight.  Your mailperson is giving you a hardy handshake from having to carry all those parcels. …

Adventures in Life Marriage

Adventure Days

We’ve had over 31 years of adventure days, my husband and I.  When people ask me how we’ve made our marriage work for over 30 years, this is what I tell them…. The Best Advice A month before my wedding, my grandmother pulled me aside and gave me two pieces of advice.  One, marriage is …

Adventures in Life Parenting

Raising Twins

I always hated “Double Trouble”.  I always responded back, “Double Blessing!” After 9 years of married life, several jobs, multiple moves and a second house later we had twin boys.  I will never forget dialing into my work voicemail at the Detroit airport before my flight home to Milwaukee.  This was before cell phones, so …