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Surviving the Holidays
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Surviving the Holidays

One of the biggest hurdles to surviving the holidays is to manage expectations – YOUR OWN! I haven’t survived 58 years of life, living in five states, being married for 37 years without a few heartaches. Work parties, family gatherings, friends that want to get together lead to a lot of chaos. Throw in your …

Adventures in Life Parenting

How We Raised Readers

It all started with a bit of advice. When I was carrying the boys, my husband received a bit of advice from a colleague who shared his name Michael.  Mike, I’ll call him, had raised three daughters with his wife who was a teacher in the Massachusetts Public School System.  He told, my Michael, ” …

Adventures in Life College Process

Making the Final Decision

Well. It’s been a long processes. It’s included tears, laughter, stress, joy, heartache and its time for the final decision. The Time Between. Between submitting the college applications and all the paperwork and the arrival of letters, our sons used the time to complete scholarships. I will be honest. There are a ton of scholarships …