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Finished electrolyte gummies
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Post-Workout Recovery Electrolyte Gummies

With temperatures starting to warm up and most of us enjoying it during the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, it is even more important that we hydrate and replenish our bodies after a run or walk. I make these easy homemade electrolyte gummies and keep them in the fridge to quickly pop in my mouth as needed. …


Indian Spiced Chocolate Twists

Today my friend and fellow blogger, @healthycarleeh, surprised me with a delicious lotus drink from our local coffee stand Walker’s Coffee and a bag of goodies! Carleeh comes up with the most amazing Lotus blends and if you don’t already follow her , you should! She even has #lotusotd in her highlights with the recipe …

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Easy Vanilla Custard

5 ingredients and 5 steps, that’s all it takes to make this creamy vanilla custard! What is custard vs pudding? Custard is the eggy cousin of pudding with much of the same ingredients, sweetened milk. The difference is the thickening agent, cornstarch or eggs and the method of cooking, stove-top versus baked. Most custards are …