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Fall is in the Air! It’s Vata Season

I recently asked my Instagram followers exactly where did the phrase, “Fall is in the Air” originate? Where did it come from? As a yogi and Soul Purpose Life Coach, I was introduced to the practice of Ayurveda. A centuries-old form of ancient medicine, self-care and wisdom. In Ayurveda, Fall is Vata Season. Vata is …

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Fall Foodie Finds

I can’t believe FALL is in full swing and I haven’t had a moment to spare in getting all things Fall going in the kitchen of my foodie home Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that I haven’t been enjoying #allthingspumpkinspice, but there are so many fun foods out there that I haven’t wanted to …

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Tortellini Soup

Fall is officially here in the PNW and that means it is soup season in the Rodriguez home. Our family absolutely loves homemade soups. I love recipe that are particularly healthy and the family doesn’t know it. I love the smells of the house as soups simmer on the stove. It brings back so many …