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Adventures in Life College Process

Completing the Applications

Can you believe you have made it this far ? Your son/daughter is ready to start the application process.  Let’s get ready.  Preparedness is the key to a smooth application process.  Each college may have a different set of requirements so it is best to do your research, take notes and gather everything before starting. …

Adventures in Life College Process

Making the Final Decision

Well. It’s been a long processes. It’s included tears, laughter, stress, joy, heartache and its time for the final decision. The Time Between. Between submitting the college applications and all the paperwork and the arrival of letters, our sons used the time to complete scholarships. I will be honest. There are a ton of scholarships …

Adventures in Life College Process

Home From College

They Are Home!!!! The holidays are fast approaching. You’ve cooked for days.  You’ve planned all of your child’s favorite meals.  You are picking them up from the airport or their college on Friday and keeping them until Sunday.  You have every minute of the day planned.  You have missed your child so much your heart …