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Shopping Formula’s Fall Fashion Style

For those of you who haven’t ever used a personal shopper, I’m going to link my blog post here from a few years ago when I met Tannya Bernadette, founder and Master Stylist of the Closet Edit. It was definitely the best experience of a lifetime and worth it 100%. An Hour Well Spent

When Tannya contacted me recently about a new online personal shopping workshop she had created during COVID-19, I was thrilled to give it a try. If you are intimidated by the idea of hiring a personal shopper or going out to stores right now, but you need a bit of help navigating through it all, then this is definitely right up your alley.

Shopping Formula Part 1

Yes, there is homework. There are also wonderful videos for each section you will work through. The nice thing is that you can take your time. Don’t wait too long though as The Shopping Formula is Fall/Winter and will later change to Spring/Summer. Either way, you will learn so much that it will be worth your time! Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a fantastic offer for my readers!

First, it was time to work through my first few modules. Each module starts with a view from Tannya, outlining what you’ll learn in the Shopping Formula. A quick online quiz and worksheet to helped me definite my style. I’m really a combo of two, but I chose to focus on one, the Versatile Professional.

My Closet Cleanse

Did you go back and click on the link for my Closet Edit? Step two needed to include doing a closet cleanse with my very honest girlfriends. You know the ones. They will shake their heads and crinkle their noses when you come out of the dressing room.

I needed help donating items that were no longer me, finding items I had and needed to make use of first. Loads of laughter, and many hangers later that task was complete. Note, I had a idea of items I may need, but having them help me go through clothes in my closet firmed up what I needed first and foremost.

Shopping Formula Part 2

Next up was finishing my coursework, viewing the items and outfits suggested and then clicking on a few links to the stores and ordering a few pieces.

I will be honest, I am not a huge fan of online shopping. At 5’8″ with arms and legs are particularly long for my height I find it difficult. Great for yoga photos, not so great for many clothing makers. I like to tell people I wore capris and 3/4-sleeves before it was fashionable. HAHAHAHA

I struggle and need to try on everything. Ordering online is usually reserved for items I have purchased before. Even so, having places to start and styles to look at is extremely helpful for someone who isn’t the biggest fashionista.

Time to Shop!

I took three outings with three different friends, Cindy, Jackie and Georgina. I’ll hold off on a photo with what I found with Georgina to the very end… but you won’t want to miss it!

Cindy and I headed to our local mall and hit Zara, Loft, Old Navy and Nordstrom Rack. I was determined to stick to my budget and the items I really needed. While at Loft, Cindy helped me decide on items to try on and we noticed that certain necklines are not flattering on me. With very broad swimmer shoulders and a smaller waist, boxy tops or straight necklines only enhanced my shoulders. V-shaped necklines and halter styles gave me angles and really flattered me.

I was super lucky when we hit Nordstrom Rack! On my list was some fun ‘city shoes’, meaning sneakers that aren’t a pair of Converse or a running shoe. I kid you not, the camo shoes in the photo below were $12.54!!! And the cami from Loft was $12.78 after all my birthday month discounts and coupons!

Day 2

Three days later, while the guys were out fishing, Jackie and I hit the mall again. First we grabbed lunch to forafy ourselves, as I had run the Virtual Wonderwoman 5k that morning. Then it was off to Nordstrom to pick up an online order, a stop at Precious Treasures where Jackie picked up the amazing necklace I had shared on IG stories a few weeks before and I picked up this ring I had admired as well.

Off to Nordstrom Rack we went. Load and loads of try-ons later, I came home with the cutest black halter top and a fun pair of jeans. Yeah, I didn’t have these on my list, but at $15.88, hello! I love love loved the fitted black halter dress, but not so much on the bow. If it was smaller or even detachable, I would have brought it home because who can’t use a cute little black dress?

Next, we headed to Boho Chic Boutique, located at the Seattle Premium Outlets. You may have seen Jackie and I in some of their photos, both online and on IG. We love Steph and Jay and can always seem to find something that needs to come home with us. Today, we both fell in love with their new camis. Since I needed black jeans, I knew these were the ones for me. And how beautiful is Jackie in her outfit?

Day 3

Earlier this week, Georgina and I headed out to another mall. Unfortunately, it was to return two items that I had ordered online. One was from Nordstrom, the cute teal cami in the photo above on the Shopping Formula item list. While it was definitely something I would wear and the color was spot on, when I got it home to try it on it was too short. Not only in the overall length, but also in the length from shoulder to armpit. I could barely get it on and the length of the straps were not adjustable.

The other was a pencil skirt I had ordered from Ann Taylor. The pattern was just not flattering. While there we stopped off at White House Black Market where Georgina found an amazing teal wrap with fringe…Teal is the color I am told this season. And I found….like I said, more on that later!

I also picked up a plum colored bodysuit from Zara. Unfortunately, with their dressing rooms closed, it will have to go back. The color, price, fit and style were spot on, but the turtleneck was way too tight.

Favorite finds for Fall!

Cute and Casual

During my recent ferry ride with my son Josh, he captured me in my ‘casual’ look.

Hooded sweater and tank are from Boho Chic Boutique. Pockets are a must for me and I love all things layering as I run warm. I loved the color detail on the edging as I tend to feel washed out in anything white. Paired with my olive jeans from Old Navy and fun Fall colored Converse sneakers it was perfect for our adventure day!

Femine with an Edge

Now this is exactly what I needed! When you go through the Shopping Formula in addition to pieces for the season, you’ll also get outfit combos using those pieces. This is so perfect for me, it’s always something I struggle with when I look at the closet. There are also outfit challenges, so it was perfect that a leather moto jacket and boots in the photos were already in my closet. When I found this dress and tried it on, I think Georgina threatened me if it didn’t go home with me. First, the color was perfect for me. Second, hello halter neckline. Third, flirtly, fun and femine skirt. Lastly, the price, $60.

Happy Shopping!

Happy finds and happy shopping thanks to the Shopping Formula. A special thank you to Tannya for contacting me and letting me go through the course and provide feedback.

Tannya’s gift you, my readers….$15 Off Coupon Code FITFOODIE when purchase by October 31st. You’ll have access to the videos and content until December 31st Go to:


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