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Jujubeet Cafe – Making It Spectacular

Last week I had the opportunity to join a couple of friends at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Grand Opening of the latest Jujubeet Cafe in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle. I know, any excuse to get my Foodie on in city, I’m all over that! Well, I have to tell you that the space is amazing, the food, fantastic, but even better, I got to meet with owner, Bianca, the reason behind the Jujubeet founding.

You know I am doing my Women Who Inspire series, right? Well, she fits right in with the amazing women, so how could I not share Bianca Szyperski with you? Her passion for health and wellness shines through the entire thought process behind Jujubeet. Wanting to bring sustainable clean and healthy options she created Jujubeet. Not your ordinary chain eating here that is for sure! By using primarily organic local produce Jujubeet nourishes our bodies as well as a community feel.

Pictured: Bianca Szyperski & @healthycarleeh (L) With @sydlovesfashion (R)

We offer a variety of proven superfoods; when you walk into our store, you don’t have to worry about making an unhealthy choice. Everything we sell is crafted to provide you with the energy and the nutrition needed to make each day spectacular.
Acai Protein Bowl & Avocado Toast

Jujubeet’s menu varies by store and consists of cold-pressed artisan juices, wellness elixirs, smoothies and cleanses. Next up you will find filling plates, flavor-filled cold bowls, heartier meal bowls, toasts and soups along with sides to share and the coffee bar. Grab-n-go items which can include daily soups, on-the-menu salads and bowls, and seasonal salads. The wholesome tasty treats round out the varied menu. You are bound to find something for everyone here. Mostly vegan and gluten-free, there are many allergy-friendly options as well. To make it even better their packaging is made from compostable and recyclable materials!

The Jujubeet Cafe Grand Opening in Pioneer Square

I love the new Jujubeet Cafe in Pioneer Square because it is a mix of old and new.  Along with many businesses revitalizing the area, Jujubeet converted the building wonderfully.  You walk into an open and inviting bright space. Large windows in the front had light streaming in and making everything sparkle. Booths with beautiful, an photographable marble tables lined one wall and and a larger gathering space filled the back corner.  The light and bright colors, marble tables and wood accents make this cafe a IG-ers dream!

It’s still chilly here in the PNW, so we went for a chai latte to warm us up while we purused the menu.  Cindy and I love to share so we picked up a bit of everything and made it a communal meal. Sampling for the grand opening were the Kale Salad and NW Rainbow Salad.  We also ordered the avocado toast and acai protein bowl.  Finishing off our meal were little energy ball bites and a taste of the beetroot latte, courtesy of @healthycarleeh who joined us. Sips were had, forkfuls of salads were consumed, bites of avo toast and spoonfuls of Acai were taken and soon it was gone.

Seriously, aren’t you drooling just looking at the photos?

Pop in, grab a bite. Gather your tribe and head down for a fun lunch. Schedule a meet-up and enjoy good healthy food while getting some work done! Either way, stop by Jujubeet Pioneer Square or any of the other Jujubeet locations in Bellevue and across Seattle.


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