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Go for the Cider Stay for the Food

If you haven’t realized it yet, I love food. I love to cook food. I love to eat food.  For my belated birthday celebration, our adventure day took us to my favorite city to the North of me, Bellingham, Washington.

I always do a little quick research before we head out for the day on at least one new stop.  For today, I wanted to go to a cider brewery.  Why cider?

What many of you might not know is that I am allergic to hops, which means no beer for me.  I still love to go to breweries with my guys, because they almost always have a cider or root beer on tap.  PS I loooooooooove root beer and I am an admitted root beer snob, but that is a blog post for another day!

While cider is getting more and more popular these days, the ratio of cider breweries to beer breweries isn’t even close.  Anyway, I chose Bellingham Cider Company since it was a brew pub.  Brew and food? Heck, yeah!  Punch it into the GPS, Baby!

We arrived and followed the signs to BCC, we were seated quickly and given ample time to peruse the menu.  The restaurant area is a cozy, open atmosphere. I love that you can even watch Chef Adam work. There is outdoor seating for when the weather is cooperating. We were seated at a table with a window, my favorite place to sit on any outing.

Since it was Brunch, we ordered our food to arrive just after our drinks.  I had a plan for the day and we didn’t need to be tipsy.  Two cidermosa’s, a flight, a taster and an orange juice arrived promptly.  We shared and sipped our way through the flight, loved our taster and went off to the build-your-own cidermosa for added fixings.

First, how fun is that? Bellingham Cider Company has a build-your-own cidermosa, mimosa and Bloody Mary bar.  You order the base, cider or champagne for the -mosas  (you can also add an orange liqueur or elderberry liqueur) and vodka, gin, or tequila for your bloody Mary.  Next, just head to the bar and add the juice and fixings of your choice.

Bellingham Cider Company, Blueberry Lemonade Cider

Then the food arrived.  There is a reason the title of this blog includes, “and stay for the food.”  Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ever since bite is an OMG experience? Every. Single. Bite. Ever.



I am not kidding you.  Seriously!  I love food., you know this about me.  I am 54-years old and I have traveled and eaten in 48 states in the US and 7 countries.  Michael and I have eaten at the fanciest restaurants and some lowly dives and everything between.  We seriously both were floored.  Every bite people. I tasted his brunch and he tasted mine.  We tried Josh’s too.  We enjoyed the cider.  We loved the food. So much that we can’t wait to go back to try dinner.  And bring Zach. And bring friends.

I know, the next thing you are going to ask about is the price.  If you are asking about price, you don’t deserve to go. Seriously, it wasn’t expensive but it wasn’t McDonald’s so don’t expect to go cheap.  The three of us, drinks included, ate this amazing food for under $75 before tip.  I’ve paid over three times that for a mediocre meal in Seattle. Or Chicago. Or New York.  Fresh ingredients, tasty food, creative and artfully presented.



Just go.  Didn’t the photos make you drool?  Go peeps and go now!


I’m already checking out the dinner menu….I know a few foodie friends that I’m taking the next time they visit me!

As always, the opinions are my own. The restaurant was one I randomly chose and they provided me with nothing but the amazing food…..and the check. They deserve my honesty and so do you!

Eat Happy Peeps!


Bellingham Cider Company

Weekdays 4-5pm, Weekends 2-5pm

Wed – Thurs: 5pm – 10pm (kitchen closes at 9:30pm)
Fri – Sat: 5pm – 11pm (kitchen closes at 10:30pm)
Sun: 5pm – 9pm (kitchen closes at 8pm)

Weekend Brunch
Sat – Sun: 10am – 2pm


  1. I’ve been there I agree with your every word. Also a foodie and well traveled. You can’t beat them. Everything we tried in our group of 5 was wonderful. Wait til you try the dinner veggies. Each one is different and one seemed to keep topping the other. I can’t wait to get back there. Sadly I’m in AZ for the winter.

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