Pasta Worth the Wait… Il Corvo in Seattle

Part of life’s adventure for our family, especially me, is trying new restaurants. Now that our sons are all grown up and foodies themselves, it’s been super fun letting them take the lead.

Zach is now back East working, insert sad mom face, but before he left we adventured into the Seattle where he planned our eating experience. He made up a short list, we asked Seattle foodies I follow on Instagram for their picks and one restaurant came up time after time, Il Corvo.


Here is what you need to know about Il Corvo:

  • The restaurant is only open Monday-Friday 11am-3pm.
  • The menu is small, but amazing. Their daily special is posted on their IG only.  Here’s the link if you want it..Il Corvo
  • You need to get there early and wait in line.
  • They have an etiquette list, see photo below.
  • You get seated after you have ordered, so don’t have someone in your group sit down at an open table.
  • It is all totally worth it.

Located in downtown Seattle near Pioneer Square, we were lucky and the parking lot just down the street had a spot available. Make sure to factor in parking when deciding to go to Il Corvo.

Then wait. And Wait. And Wait. I popped out of line to take photos here and there. Zach and Josh used the time to review the special pasta of the day and chat. I love to people watch and it was luckily a nice day out so I was perfectly happy 😊

Once inside the restaurant the line continues, with tables on either side of you. It can get a bit awkward as people move to tables, food is brought around and people exit. Again, remember that it’s all part of the adventure! If this kind of experience isn’t your thing or you get hangry or irritated at the pace of the line, please don’t go and ruin the experience for others by loudly complaining.

We used the time to see what people were eating, read the menu and look at all the old pasta making equipment.

Once we had made our way to the front and ordered, we were definitely hungry! We were directed to our table to wait for our order.

This is what you need to know… the wait to get in and up to order is the longest part of the process. We had our appetizer order right away and our pasta arrived to the table about 5 minutes later.


OMG! Everything was amazing! We had marinated olives, the Il Corvo Kale Salad, fresh focaccia and hands down the best pasta dishes ever. We elected to get each pasta available that day and go family-style by placing it all center stage and sharing. Since they have daily pasta, you probably won’t get to try our favorite of the day, Pistachio Almond Fresh Herb Pesto with Mozzarella on Fusilli Pasta. That’s ok, it’s all part of the adventure.

Il Corvo is definitely worth the wait! Are you new to Seattle or looking for someplace new to eat? I’m going to be adding a new category to my blog.  Check back from time to time or just follow my blog and my Instagram for my latest adventure!  I’ve happily provided links on the top right of this page :).

Who do I follow? I love to use IG hashtags to help me find new places to try, but I love fellow Seattle Foodie bloggers on IG …. Find Me in Seattle, Seattle on the Run, and Seattle_Bites. Pop on over to IG and follow us all!

Happy Adventures Peeps!


  1. Would love to try this place!

    1. You totally have to!

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