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Ready for Spring! Trying to be more spontaneous

What’s in your trunk? It’s getting close to Spring here in the Pacific Northwesr and I have decided that I am going to be ready for what life and the weather throws me.  

Like many of you, I am a fair weather explorer. I don’t mind the cold, I am a Wisconsin born transplant after all, but I am not in love with the rain and the mist in the PNW. I do however, love it when God shines upon me and gives me some sunshine even cloudy sunshine. I makes me want to head outdoors. The problem is that I am so often not prepared. 

It’s perfect weather to get a run in. My running shoes are at home. Oh! Time to head to the water, but not yet in said water. Dang, my chair and casual clothes are at home. A quick hike? Not so quick if my minimum gear is at home. There are so many times that I just go home and not head back out. Or I’m out and about with my husband and we spontaneously decide to change course on our errands and I’m in my standard Converse shoes. Not the best for some of our adventures. 

Not this year!  I am prepping my car with a few things to be ready for just about anything.

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